Subversive wild card: why detention of leading neofascist group member should worry Italian people

Charged with multi-aggravated theft, Simone Di Stefano is considered one of the leading members of neo-fascist group Casapound, which recently developed in a structured party. Such an arrest though – occurred during the so-called “Protest of Pitchforks” – should not be greeted as good news. It is not. It is terribly disturbing, and there are … Continue reading

After violence, Libyan president Zeidan sent his ultimatum

After militias opened fire on protesters in Tripoli, Libyan PM Alì Zeidan sent his ultimatum. Zeidan asked militiamen to leave the capital city, threatening them with a foreign intervention to assure security. In a pulverized scenario, Libyan Prime Minister is facing pressures by hundreds of militias and groups having control of entire regions. About a … Continue reading

No Tav: a militarized country and a false letter

On July 2013, for the first time prosecutors charged twelve protesters in Val di Susa with the charge of “terrorism”. The area – where the high speed line is being built – has been consequently heavily militarized. Now a letter from members of subversive cells invites the movement to organize for a “qualitative leap”. But … Continue reading