Il randello di Grillo e il paese conformista

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Processi “popolari” promessi da Grillo. “La prima categoria sarà quella dei giornalisti che hanno occultato la verità agli italiani nell’ultimo ventennio”, scrive sul blog. Che chiama “pennivendoli”. Dove era Beppe Grillo negli anni 70, 80 e 90, quando molti giornalisti morivano per raccontare il paese delle stragi, dei traffici,…

Using work as a weapon: marketing enterprises invade job ads

While unemployment is hitting one in five Birmingham citizens, somebody is trying to take advantage of it. As a matter of fact, marketing businesses are invading job-seeking channels, exploiting desperation and economic crisis unscrupulously. Birmingham is an interesting and beautiful city with an enormous problem: work. The Birmingham unemployment rate is about 20%. According to Birmingham City … Continue reading

Subversive wild card: why detention of leading neofascist group member should worry Italian people

Charged with multi-aggravated theft, Simone Di Stefano is considered one of the leading members of neo-fascist group Casapound, which recently developed in a structured party. Such an arrest though – occurred during the so-called “Protest of Pitchforks” – should not be greeted as good news. It is not. It is terribly disturbing, and there are … Continue reading

Turning on the right: the – bad – way for Johnson and Farage to surpass Cameron

After David Cameron’s words about Romanian and Bulgarian immigrants, other members of Conservative Party and UKIP followed the crowd. Among them, Boris Johnson and Nigel Farage, not less solicitous to collect constituency requests. Mr Cameron‘s plan has been made clear by BBC News. No more immediate housing and out-of-work benefits, and quadrupled fines for employers who … Continue reading

US: A new strategy for soldiers settled in Afghanistan?

The long expedition in Afghanistan left a mark on US Army. It will end in 2014, but President Karzai asks for help, in order to avoid instability growing in the country. However, the US are likely to develop a new strategy, passing through Africa. Countdown is already a reality, especially in America. Somebody even developed … Continue reading

Birmingham: 10,000 documents to throw light on the bombing of 1974

As recently announced by the West Midlands Police Department, an archive of about 10,000 documents has been developed in the last 18 months in order to assure justice. A comprehensive digital filing system adopted in order to take a broader view of what happened on 21st November 1974. On 21st November 1974, BBC News spread the news … Continue reading

Telecom: everything must go

The sale of Telecom Italia comes after years of losses: a good reason to undersell, losing an important asset of telecommunication industry. With no intervention of public authority and local investors. Different reports on the recent industrial activity in Italy have often offered contradictory results. Important journals as Il Sole 24 Ore, Il Fatto Quotidiano … Continue reading

No Tav: a militarized country and a false letter

On July 2013, for the first time prosecutors charged twelve protesters in Val di Susa with the charge of “terrorism”. The area – where the high speed line is being built – has been consequently heavily militarized. Now a letter from members of subversive cells invites the movement to organize for a “qualitative leap”. But … Continue reading

The London’s fair of weapons and its sponsors

When The Independent denounced irregularities into the DSEI 2013 – the fair of weapons in London – the obvious became so, even for authorities. A loss of consciousness with more than a good reason. More than a consequence. Irregularities were discovered by human right movements in catalogs of Mag Force International (France) and Tian Jing … Continue reading